Pia Bajpai creates ripples now waiting for Ko

 If you are still wondering who is this beautiful girl with a face as bright as the sun in the popular advertisement during the world about a pregnant girl who takes revenge on her boyfriend in, you don’t need to search any further it is Piaa Bajpai the same girl from Poi Solla Porom, Aegan, Goa, Bale Pandiya and Ko which is set for release soon.
Hi Pia seems like your ad has spread its wings all over Bollywood?
Haha, hopefully this advertisement will skyrocket my presence in the ad world although I have done close to 80 commercials this one is really on top of the list by popular standards. Mumbai is calling and I am keeping my finger crossed for my upcoming release KO.
Would you like to give us a brief on your role in Ko?
I play a journalist and hopefully I will make new fans as the movie releases.My Director K V Anand sir has really given me a great opportunity through this special role. It will be different from whatever I have done till date.
Oh that sounds interesting. So, Ko’s music seems to have caught up like wild fire, you must be enjoying it, any personal favorites?
Ennamo Yedho and Aga Naga are both hit numbers, and luckily I am there in both the numbers. Yipee!
Super! So any new projects you would like to announce before we conclude, what next after KO Pia?
Being a great actress is my only priority and I love to see that happen one day soon, I have offers pouring in thanks to the number of ads I have done in Bollywood .Although I have not signed anything yet I will wait for the release of Ko and as for Kollywood I would prefer doing good roles here and make new fans. Thank you.
Kollywood surely rocks Pia doesn’t it?We hope you have a great response for you movie at the box office.

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