Singam Puli Movie Review

Singam Puli is a Complete Masala Film, Jiiva Acted in Double role by First Time, The Film has a casual Start, In Middle Class Family Ponvannan And Kuyili are parents for Actor Jiiva, Jiiva named as Shiva in this Movie, Jiiva works in a Fish Market who is a Lawyer.
Divya spandana ( Her name is Shweta in this film), And Jiiva Fall in love, they have been doing by long time, Ashok's Life is one long, Lustful Journey as he charms every woman he meets into his bed. Jiiva's Parents are not happy with him, They misunderstood his every attempts.
Ashok, on the other hand, is pally with the local goons and uses his brains to assist them in their nefarious activities. Matters come to a head when Ashok lures a girl with false pretences, with disastrous consequences.
this is Like Cat-and-mouse game, In this film Jiiva is in Double role, so he distinguish himself in body language and Speach, Santhanam named as Bujji Babu in this film,
First half is going with thrill and speed, second half is in lag, most of the scenes are Disjointed, venky's Editing work are good in this film,
Climax of this film are exciting to watch

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