Will it be Vikram or Suriya?

The cast for Mani Rathnam’s next film, his take on Kalki’s much loved Ponniyin Selvan is getting finalized. Vijay has landed in the important role of Vallavarayan Vandiyathevan, an impish young man whose adventures form the crux of the plot. Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu, fondly called the Prince is going to play Prince Aditha Karikalan, the troubled heir to the Chozha throne, thwarted in love and doomed to die young.
Vikram and Suriya are in the running for the title character, Ponniyin Selvan which is the title conferred on Arulmozhi Varman who becomes famous as Raja Raja Chozhan. Looks like Mani Ratnam is set to achieve a casting coup of all sorts. The two stars will be ready give an arm or a leg for a chance to portray this remarkable character from our proud heritage. We can’t wait to see who gets this role!

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