Ajith dismantles his Fan Clubs!

Though May 1 is known all over India for being Labour’s Day, fans across Tamil Nadu associate it with the birthday of actor Ajith. Come Sunday and ‘thala’ will be celebrating his 40th birthday. Just a couple of days ahead of his birthday the actor has opened his heart out for all his fans.
Here is what the actor had to say to his fans right ahead of his birthday:
Ajith started his acting career with ‘Amaravathi’ and ‘Mankatha,’ that is shortly scheduled for a release, will mark his 50th film in the industry. At this juncture the actor thanks the people who were with him; his co actors, actresses, his directors, technicians, his friends, fans and family who have been there as a source of constant support in this journey of his. But of late, there has been something that has been occupying Ajith’s mind and the actor felt this as the right time to unleash his thoughts to his fans.
Ajith claims that he has never used his fans as a tool for any personal gains nor has he used them as a shield for his likes and dislikes in the industry, and also would never use them for such purposes. The fans have the right to support him if his films do well and criticize him if his films don’t do so well. He has also revealed that he fully understands that people in his fan club as well as the others who don’t belong to his fan club enjoy his films equally, and there is no difference between the two as far as Ajith is concerned. Ajith has also made it very clear, time and again that no one’s family should suffer due to his working for the fan club.
But there are certain unpleasant things that have been happening recently in the fan club. At certain places there is rivalry being propagated, some people have begun to act individually without following orders passed by the general body, and some fans are not heeding to their rules; some people are also using the fan club for political purposes and all these acts have come down heavily upon the actor’s faith in the smooth running of his fan club.
So just a couple of days ahead of his birthday the actor has come up with a decision which might come a shock and surprise to many in the industry. Ajith has decided that the Ajith Fan Club which has been functioning under his name would be dissolved from May 1st. The actor is of view that to do good one needs a good heart. Not only that, the actor, through his note has also revealed that with the changing times the temperament of the people has also changed. They are very receptive to the things happening around them and only an actor who is genuine can be a star. Only such a star would earn dignity, a good name and fame from the people.
Ajith signs off saying that only that dignity and the support of his fans in this decision of his would be his best birthday gift.
Come on… Let us know if you support this decision taken by Ajith to dissolve his fan club!

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