'Don't Wish for My Birthday’ – Ram Gopal Varma

Following the most unorthodox means of filmmaking, Ram Gopal Varma could easily fetch the crown of ‘Best Trendsetter of Modern Cinema’. Having churned out best flicks based on various genres, he stands out for his prodigious style of approaching films. The producer-filmmaker broke the barriers and made ‘Dongala Mutha’, which is acclaimed as the first ‘Zero-Budget’ project.

The filmmaker celebrates his birthday tomorrow (April 8) and here’s what we hear him say, “I just gave condolences to myself that I have one year lesser in my life to what I want to do. So do me a favor and don’t wish me Happy Birthday. Thank You.”

Ramu, we love you so much for your films irrespective of its results. You’re a boon to film industry and we request you to continue to make more films for us.

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