Ko Beats Ayan Collection

K.V.Anand's Kho has beaten the collection record of his earlier flick Ayan. Jeeva has essayed the charecter of a Photo Journalist and Karthika is his pair. Piya, Ajmal have excelled their roles. Wiht Hariss Jayaraj's mesmarising songs and beautifylly narrated story have become huge hit among the audiences.
K V Anand's ‘Ko’ produced has created a stupendous record at the box-office. The movie has completed a 50-day run and has bettered the collections of K V Anand's previous film Ayan. And, it is still going strong.
‘Ko’ starring Jeeva, Karthika, Ajmal, Piya, Prakash Raj and Kotta Srinivasa Rao was about the travails of a photojournalist. The movie had music by Harris Jayaraj and cinematography by Richard M Nathan. The story and screenplay were handled by writers Subha.
The movie opened in a big way with 350 prints and garnered huge collections in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and overseas. ‘Ko’ was dubbed in Telugu as ‘Rangam’ and was released in over 150 prints. ‘Rangam’ opened in a big way winning critical reviews besides huge collections.
‘Ko’ has emerged a genuine hit in Tamil Nadu in 2011. The songs have topped the charts besides the artistes winning acclaims for their stellar performance. K V Anand is a happy man today. The movie had few instances from his life based on his earlier days as a photojournalist.
Cheers to K V Anand his team and we hope that ‘Ko’ goes on to break even more records at the box-office.

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