Reshmi says that she is learnt a lot by acting in Kanden

Kanden is the recently released film which has Santhanoo and Reshmi in the lead roles. Reshmi has acted well in the role called Narmada. When Reshmi who had come from Telugu to Tamil with confidence was asked about her Kanden experience, she said, "Director Mukhil will be very much attentive and concentrating at the shooting spots.
He will also expect good acting from the actors. At that point of time I use to get irritated. At the same time he will expect us to act in a single take. Sometimes he use to scold us. Because of this it was very difficult for me to act in the initial stages. Afterwards the assistant directors use to explain me that how I should act in a scene.
After this I did not have any difficulty while acting. I have learnt a lot of things by acting in Kanden. I am very confident that I will be getting lots of offers in Tamil."

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