Salman to grace 'Osthi's sets

It is usual that a hit movie inspires a remake in another film industry and it takes place at the latter, probably with a few minor changes. But with the betterment of technology, more connectivity among stars through networking sites and events that bring together stars from various Indian film industries, the rapport among these stars is improving and they are in constant touch with one another.
One such event that facilitated such a rapport was the Celebrity Cricket League or the CCL, where Silambarasan who is currently working on 'Osthi,' met Salman Khan who is the star of the original, a blockbuster, 'Dabangg.'
STR had earlier expressed his desire to meet Salman and gain a few tips from the latter and it now looks like his wish will be granted, thanks to CCL. During an interaction between the duo Salman seems to have expressed that he would like to spend a day’s time at ‘Osthi’s sets!
Our birdies say that, Salman will be taking a day off to visit the team of 'Osthi' and give his honest feedback and tips for Simbu and the team to work on.

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