Yuvan Shankar Raja Wants To Shutdown

The moment you start spending your times with Social networking sites, it will eat away your precious moments and becomes a major hurdle hassling the minds. Especially for the ones involved in the field of creativity, it stops their innovative thinking. So says Yuvan Shankar Raja, who seems to have literally spent more time in twitter than his work schedules.

The music director has mentioned saying that he might shutdown the twitter account. Says Yuvan: “I'm thinking to close my twitter account. Think it's a diversion for all creators…” But within short span of time, Yuvan posted this message; there were hundreds and thousands of re-tweets and messages posted in his page requesting him not to take such drastic step.

Well, this has left Yuvan for a second thought and he has decided to keep himself away from tweeting for relentlessly and post some messages for once in a week time.

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